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Adopting Bitcoin 2022 The Wallets we use: What could possibly go wrong? Released: 2022-11-16 Format: video
Blockchain Summit Latam Podcast #bslPodcast [33] con Leo Wandersleb de WalletScrutiny sobre seguridad de wallets, consejos, como elegir una wallet, y más! Released: 2021-01-12 Format: audio
World Crypto Network Bitcoin wallet scrutiny - Lightning Hacksprint - Live from Chaos Communications Conference (CCC) Released: 2020-12-27 Format: video
The Van Wirdum Sjorsnado Why Open Source Matters for Bitcoin In this episode of “The Van Wirdum Sjorsnado,” hosts Aaron van Wirdum and Sjors Provoost discussed why it matters that Bitcoin software is open source and why even open-source software doesn’t necessarily solve all software-specific trust issues. Released: 2020-12-18 Format: audio
Ugly Old Goat Bitcoin Wallets & Open Source W/ Leo Wandersleb Leo Wandersleb founder of a Bitcoin Wallet rating initiative joins Juan Galt on the Ugly Old Goat Show to talk about Bitcoin Wallets and how Open Source works. Released: 2020-12-04 Format: video
Unhashed Podcast Ep. 92 Casa's Wallet of Total Trust Released: 2020-07-02 Format: audio
Satoshi en Venezuela Hablemos de Bitcoin - Bitcoin y Monederos, con Leo Wandersleb (WalletScrutiny) Released: 2020-06-02 Format: video
Cripto Noticias Leo Wandersleb: La seguridad de las carteras solo mejorará si los usuarios se preocupan Released: 2020-05-13 Format: audio
The Honey Badver Diaries Episode 33: Leo Wandersleb, Viña del Mar (Chile) Released: 2020-05-10 Format: audio
Bitcoin Takeover Podcast S5 E2: Leo Wandersleb on WalletScrutiny & Why Samourai Isn’t That Great Released: 2020-05-03 Format: audio
Einundzwanzig Podcast Einundzwanzig Stammtisch #23 WalletScrutiny Released: 2020-04-27 Format: video
Bitcoin & Co. Leo Wandersleb: Bitcoin Wallet Security to Avoid Exit Scams Released: 2020-04-27 Format: audio
De Bitcoin Show Episode 36: Money losing its meaning Released: 2020-04-22 Format: audio
₿🛠️ Satoshi's 21 #001: WalletScrutiny Released: 2020-04-21 Format: video
Honigdachs #51 – Das Ende ist nahe! Released: 2020-04-18 Format: audio
Unhashed Podcast Ep. 81 That Episode with Leo Wandersleb In It Released: 2020-04-15 Format: audio