Is your Bitcoin wallet secure?

The aim of this project is to improve the security of Bitcoin wallets by examining the application code for possible back-doors and other vulnerabilities.
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What protects your Bitcoins from Hackers?


Do you own your Bitcoins or do you trust that your app allows you to use "your" coins while they are actually controlled by "them"? Do you have a backup? Do "they" have a copy they didn't tell you about? Did anybody check the wallet for deliberate backdoors or vulnerabilities? Could anybody check the wallet for those?

We try to answer these questions for Bitcoin wallets on Android.

To understand in more detail read about our methodology.

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Bitcoin Wallet (Schildbach)
Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet
Green: Bitcoin Wallet
Unstoppable - Invest In Crypto
AirGap Vault - Tezos, Cosmos, Ethereum, Bitcoin

Not reproducible from the source provided

Blockchain Wallet: Buy and Sell Bitcoin & Crypto
BRD Bitcoin Wallet. BTC, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum
BitPay - Buy Crypto
Electrum Bitcoin Wallet
Edge - Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, Ripple Wallet
Bitcoin Wallet - Airbitz
Trustee Wallet - best bitcoin and crypto wallet
Coin Bitcoin Wallet
Haven - Private Shopping
Samourai Wallet
Bitcoin Wallet Blockchain
Eclair Mobile
BLW: Bitcoin and Lightning Wallet
Lunes Wallet - Lunes, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Buy BTC
Bitcoin Paper Wallet
HODL Wallet : Bitcoin Wallet
Phoenix | The Bitcoin wallet from the future
Zap: Bitcoin Lightning Wallet
Muun - Bitcoin and Lightning Wallet
Melis Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin Wallet
Bitcoin Wallet for COINiD
COINiD Vault
Lightning (Remove Funds by Dec 31st)
Breez: Lightning Network Client & Point-of-Sale

No source code found

Trust Crypto Wallet: Bitcoin Ethereum Tron XRP PAX
Coinomi Wallet :: Bitcoin Ethereum Altcoins Tokens
Bitcoin Wallet by
Coinbase Wallet — Crypto Wallet & DApp Browser
Enjin: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Blockchain Crypto Wallet
Exodus: Crypto Bitcoin Wallet
Bitcoin Wallet & Ethereum Ripple Tron EOS
Bitcoin Wallet Totalcoin - Buy and Sell Bitcoin
Cobo Wallet: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, XRP, XLM
Jaxx Liberty: Blockchain Wallet
Infinito Wallet - Crypto Wallet & DApp Browser
Lumi Crypto and Bitcoin Wallet
Eidoo: Bitcoin and Ethereum Wallet and Exchange
Sylo - Smart Wallet & Messenger
Guarda Crypto Wallet: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple
DoWallet: Bitcoin Wallet. A Secure Crypto Wallet.
Monarch Wallet
Bitpie Wallet - Bitcoin USDT ETH EOS BCH TRON LTC l DeFi Wallet
ZenGo Crypto & Bitcoin Wallet: Buy, Earn & Trade
Paytomat Wallet: Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, tokens
ZelCore - Multi Asset Crypto Wallet
PumaPay Blockchain Wallet 4 Bitcoin & Crypto Coins
Magnum Wallet – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Crypto Exchange
Evercoin: Bitcoin, Ripple, ETH
ViaWallet - Multi-chain Wallet
PolisPay - Cryptocurrency wallet
AnkerPay: Blockchain Crypto Wallet – BTC, ETH, LTC
iWallet - blockchain wallet for Bitcoin, Ethereum
Flare Wallet
Chameleon Pay
Vidulum - Multi-Asset Cryptocurrency Wallet
Ownbit - Blockchain Wallet
Zumo - Bitcoin Wallet App - Buy, Store, & Transfer
Casa App - Secure your Bitcoin
Bitcoin OX Wallet — Exchange Wallet for Crypto
Shango Lightning Wallet
Pungo App

Custodial: The provider holds the coins

Cash App
Coinbase – Buy & Sell Bitcoin. Crypto Wallet Wallet
Binance: Bitcoin Marketplace & Crypto Wallet
Luno: Buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and Cryptocurrency
Zebpay Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Exchange
Xapo - Buy Bitcoin Now
Unocoin Wallet
Uphold: buy and sell Bitcoin
Huobi Global
Paxful Bitcoin Wallet
Bitcoin Wallet - Buy BTC
Abra Bitcoin Crypto Wallet Buy Trade Earn Interest
Ripio Bitcoin Wallet: the new digital economy
Bitcoin Wallet. Buy & Exchange BTC coin-Freewallet
Bitcoin Wallet by SpectroCoin
Gemini: Buy Bitcoin Instantly
OKEx - Bitcoin/Crypto Trading Platform
Remitano - Buy & Sell Bitcoin Fast & Securely
Bitcoin & Crypto Blockchain Wallet: Freewallet
Bitstamp – Buy & Sell Bitcoin at Crypto Exchange
Cryptonator cryptocurrency wallet
Kraken Pro: Advanced Bitcoin & Crypto Trading
Poloniex Crypto Exchange
Bcoiner - Free Bitcoin Wallet
Coinbase Pro – Bitcoin & Crypto Trading
CoinPayments - Crypto Wallet for Bitcoin/Altcoins
TenX - Buy Bitcoin & Crypto Card
YouHodler - Crypto and Bitcoin Wallet
Crypto Exchange
Busha: Buy & Sell Bitcoin, Ethereum. Crypto Wallet
Change: Crypto Wallet to Buy Sell & Trade Bitcoin
COBINHOOD - Zero Fees Bitcoin Exchange & Wallet
BitMart - Cryptocurrency Exchange
HitBTC – Cryptocurrency Exchange & Trading BTC App
Shakepay: Buy Bitcoin in Canada
SWFT Blockchain
BlueWallet Bitcoin Wallet
BuyCoins - Buy & Sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin
Conio Bitcoin Wallet
Bitrefill - Use Bitcoin to buy Gift Cards & Topups
Bit2Me - Buy and Sell Cryptocurrencies - Bitcoin wallet. Compra, vende, almacena
ILC / BTC Wallet
Wallet of Satoshi
PayWay Wallet
Mercury Cash
Bithumb Singapore - Global Cryptocurrency Exchange
Kraken Futures: Bitcoin & Crypto Futures Trading
BitWallet - Buy & Sell Bitcoin
STASIS Stablecoin Wallet
BuyUcoin - Popular Indian Crypto Currency Exchange
XZEN — Bitcoin Wallet and Exchange
Bitcoin Wallet BitBucks
Altcoin Bitcoin Trade
EBC Wallet

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