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latest release: 1.38.2 ( 15th October 2021 ) last analysed  27th August 2021 Not a wallet 
4.7 ★★★★★
15th December 2018

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Do your own research!

Try out searching for "lost bitcoins", "stole my money" or "scammers" together with the wallet's name, even if you think the wallet is generally trustworthy. For all the bigger wallets you will find accusations. Make sure you understand why they were made and if you are comfortable with the provider's reaction.

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The Analysis 

Description from the site:

Сommission-free trading and investing at real-time spot prices of global and crypto exchanges.

Initially, it may appear like Quantfury is an exchange. But upon closer inspection of its Terms and Conditions, we discovered that it utilizes a third party provider: Coinpayments. Cognizance should also be given to the fact that it is described as a “brokerage” service, albeit with features that make it appear like it were an online exchange.

Here are more details:

The platform provides services for: Crypto, Stocks, Futures, ETFS.

QuantFury Terms and Conditions Page

Quantfury (!Quantfury”), provides a mobile application-based platform (the !Quantfury App”) that allows users of the Quantfury App (!Traders”) to obtain economic exposure to the price movementof an underlying financial instrument (including, stocks, ETFs, commodity futures, index futures, cryptocurrency pairs, and fiat currency pairs) without the need for ownership and physical settle-ment of the underlying financial instrument (the !Service”).

Of particular note here is the section pertaining to wallet custody:

Funds received by Quantfury, prior to utilization on the Quantfury platform, shall be held in wallets originated by reputable third-party providers. All funds and other property of any Trader which Quantfury or its affiliates may at any time be carrying for a Trader (either individually or jointly with others) or which may at any time be in its possession or control or carried on its books for any purpose, including safekeeping, are to be held by Quantfury as security and subject to a general lien and right of set-off for liabilities of client to Quantfury whether or not Quantfury has made advances in connection with such funds or other property, and irrespective of the number of accounts the client may have with Quantfury. Quantfury shall at no time be required to deliver to any client the identical property delivered to Quantfury for any account of any client.

Quantfury Support Page on Withdrawals

Withdrawals on Quantfury are sent instantly and without any fee, outside of the network fee required by blockchains to send the transaction.

Quantfury withdrawals are facilitated by the service of Coinpayments, the #1 merchant wallet in the world. Quantfury relies and passes on the network fees set by Coinpayments, which are flat.

Quantfury Support Page on Adding Funds to Account Balance Wallet

You can add funds to your Quantfury account balance at any time. Make sure to fund your account balance wallet in the same type of cryptocurrency that your current account balance is funded in.

Identity verification is required.


Verdict Explained

This appears to not be a product to receive and send money.

As part of our Methodology, we ask:

Is it a wallet? If not, we tag it No Wallet 

If it’s called “wallet” but is actually only a portfolio tracker, we don’t look any deeper, assuming it is not meant to control funds. What has no funds, can’t lose your coins. It might still leak your financial history!

If you can buy Bitcoins with this app but only into another wallet, it’s not a wallet itself.