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Bluenio Nio Card

🔍 Last analysed 10th May 2022 . Announced but never delivered
9th November 2013

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The Analysis 


Bluenio held a fundraiser on Kickstarter on 2013-11-09. It was not able to raise its target amount. We can see from the comments section that the providers were torn between marketing the device as a bitcoin payment device - or simply a multi-purpose NFC device.

Product Description

A multi-purpose, Bluetooth smartcard with NFC that can make and receive Bitcoin payments and prevents the loss of your phone.

They’ve added Bitcoin functionality on their 6th update:

As further proof of how nio Card can adapt and improve to the world, we’re pleased to announced that nio Card is the world’s first Bitcoin payment smartcard.

With a Bitcoin now worth over $1,000 USD, there is serious interest in using Bitcoin as a day-to-day currency. We’ve been working with Bitcoin experts and retailers that are already accepting it, from Pizza shops and bars to restaurants and taxi firms, to develop a simple and secure system that makes it easier than ever for people to make and accept Bitcoin payments.

As you know, nio Card uses Near Field Communication (NFC) to make wireless payments which are secured by a Bluetooth chain between the card and your smartphone. If the chain is broken by loss or theft, no payment can be made.

Claimed Features

To receive a payment Tap your nio card ony any NFC enabled smartphone to receive a payment

To make a payment hold down the payment button on the side of your nio card and tap onto any NFC enabled smartphone

Unique Payment security Only when your nio Card is connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth can a payment be made.

  • nio Card securely stores your private keys so you can make payments. It also stores your Bitcoin address to receive payments
  • Taking payments is also easy with our Bitcoin Kiosk app


The product is vaporware. Their website has gone offline and their social media presence has ceased making posts from April 2014.


Verdict Explained

This product was announced but never released.

As part of our Methodology, we ask:

Can we expect the product to ever be released? If not, we tag it Vaporware!

Some products are promoted with great fund raising, marketing and ICOs, to disappear from one day to the other a week later or they are one-man side projects that get refined for months or even years to still never materialize in an actual product. Regardless, those are projects we consider “vaporware”.