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latest release: Varies with device ( 7th October 2021 ) last analysed  17th October 2021 Few users 

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The Analysis 

So we got a support request from somebody who put money into this lightning wallet and the channel instantly closed but days later he didn’t have his money back. Communications with the provider were not helpful neither.

The force-close transaction had a timelock as is normal in lightning - only weird thing was the timelock allows to spend after … 1987.

A lightning network force close is when one of the parties in a channel publishes a channel state without crafting a closing transaction with the counter party first. As this might happen in bad faith, the counter party is then supposed to have time to publish a punishment transaction, so this timelock should lay in the future, not some past at which there wasn’t any bitcoin yet. In summary, this transaction looks like a poorly implemented LN wallet. The transaction also had five outputs which is indicative of affecting more than two parties like in a custodial wallet?

On the Play Store description they claim (full description):

Blixt Wallet is a non-custodial open-source Bitcoin Lightning Wallet for Android with focus on usability and user experience, powered by lnd and Neutrino SPV.

The app is also available for iPhone only via testflight though.

Blixt Wallet’s main developer is Hampus Sjöberg who is well connected in Bitcoin Twitter.

According to the website:

Blixt Wallet is built as an MIT-licensed open-source project.

So next we would have to see if this app is reproducible. We will look into that once the app gained some more traction.


Verdict Explained

This product has too few users for now to be reviewed in detail.

As part of our Methodology, we ask:

Do many people use this product? If not, we tag it Few Users 

We focus on products that have the biggest impact if things go wrong and this one probably doesn’t have many users according to data publicly available.