Wallet Support

The team behind WalletScrutiny knows a lot about wallets and as not all wallet providers have good support teams, we thought we could offer our expertise to help users that are stuck with their Bitcoins.


When accepting help from our or any other service, please be aware:

Never ever share your backup or any private key material with any third party. Our Wallet Support will never ask you for your backup words or your passphrase or your PIN or your private keys. If an agent does so, please report him immediately! And if your case is special? No, your case is not special. We have many years of experience with wallet support and not once was a user sharing a private key or backup with the support team.

Be aware of impersonators! Every wallet is struggling with scammers running "support groups". If you search your wallet's name on Telegram you might find "support groups" with 10.000 members but the first thing you will get asked for when sharing your problem there is your backup. Share your problem on Reddit and you will get approached by scammers! Scammers will often use the profile pictures and names of Bitcoiners but if you cannot find a link from the service to the support channel, the support channel is probably not affiliated!

How we work

You can reach us via the chat here on this site and we will try our best to help, but we have our day jobs and families to support also. Our dream is to grow this offering so everybody can get quick, top quality support when they have trouble with any Bitcoin wallet, but for that, we have to charge a fee. At this time, we do not charge a fixed fee or a percentage of funds recovered but we will attend to those first, those that pay the most. Should we not get to help you, you will get your payment reimbursed. The idea is that you make up your mind about what it would be worth if we could help you with your issue. You then pay us 20% of that up front to get our attention. Once your issue is resolved, you pay the remaining 80%.

Let’s say you have a backup but the wallet stopped working. You think there is $500 in the wallet, so you decide recovering that would be worth $200. You pay 20% or $40 via the form below. If we manage to help you restore your $500, you do a second payment over $160. If we worked on your case but could not help you, you do spend the $40. If we do not get to look into your case within 48h after your payment confirmed, you get your $40 back.

To get support:

  1. Fill in what you are willing to pay for our support below.
  2. Click “Pay with BTCpay”, following the instructions there. You will get sent back here.
  3. Once the payment is confirmed, contact us here in the chat on this page.
  4. An agent will get back with you depending on payment and availability.
Upfront paymentSuccess paymentValue of support

What We Can Help You With

Feel free to ask us anything about Bitcoin wallets. If you are stuck and need help interpreting a situation, we probably can help.

  • “Have I been paid?”
  • “I sent the money but the merchant claims I haven’t.”
  • “The transaction has not confirmed in days. Will it eventually?”
  • “Why does my wallet suddenly charge excessive fees?”
  • “How private is my wallet?”
  • “What is coin-join?”
  • “Lightning what?”

But we expect the most common question to be: “Did I lose my coins?”

If that is your question, you are probably panicking at least a bit right now. Don’t panic! There are many anonymous “helpful” people out there that will try to make profit and you might lose your coins to them if you panic.

Usually one of the following situations applies:

  • Your wallet doesn’t show your coins: Your coins did not move to an address outside of your wallet but somehow your balance is zero. If your coins did not move, nothing major happened. Your coins are still protected by your backup. This might be a temporary or permanent failure of your wallet software but your funds are secure and we can probably help you. No hurry needed.
  • Your wallet/You sent your coins to an unknown address: If your coins were sent to an address out of your control, the only way of recovering them is to convince the owner of that address to return them. If this happened because a virus swapped the receiving address of your payment with some hacker’s address, there is no way of recovering the funds. You could report the incident to the police and it would certainly help to investigate which app introduced the virus but the funds are gone for good. If your wallet supports RBF (replace-by-fee), you could in theory if you notice it right away and know how RBF works, undo the payment but this only works until the transaction has one confirmation. If the thief is smart, he probably bumps the priority of RBF transactions so you have about 10 minutes to react. This is way too little for any support service to help you. Therefore: No hurry needed.
  • You restored from backup but your balance is zero: Here, we most likely can help you. There are dozens of ways this can happen depending on the wallet of your choice. Again, there is no hurry needed. Don’t panic.

In any case do not delete or re-install anything!

Our agents are international

Our team is still small but we already can help you in:

  • English
  • Deutsch
  • Español
  • Česky


While we will try to help you with whatever you ask us, there are some things we probably can’t help you with.

Custodial Services

If your money disappeared out of a custodial service, there is probably nothing we can help you with. You stored your money in the wallet of a third party. You will have to sort it out with them. We could advise in the process or help in the communication but in the end your arrangement with them is that you have to convince them to let you use “your” money.

Lost Backup

It’s in the nature of Bitcoin that if you lost your backup and wallet (Android non-custodial wallet fell under the steam roller) there is nothing that can bring back your funds. Knowing your addresses, remembering the PIN etc. won’t help. Those coins are probably lost for good.

Corrupted Backup

If you have a backup but it “doesn’t work”, we probably can help. That is if you have 12 words or your backup is otherwise basically intact. We probably can help you if you lost a tiny part of your backup but judging what constitutes “tiny” is difficult. If you lost for example 6 of your 12 words, we can’t help you. There are other services we can refer you to if we can’t help you in case brute forcing the keys is feasible. We certainly can assist in feasibility evaluations.

To re-iterate on the Security Notice, this “Wallet Support” will never ask for your backup or part of your backup. If the feasibility evaluation suggests that brute forcing on specialized hardware makes sense then we will recommend experts that will assist with this. It is your responsibility to then evaluate if the service of your choice is trustworthy and we recommend to make clear contractual agreements and check the identity with whoever you are about to share what you hope to be the keys to your Bitcoins. In doubt, involve a lawyer and seek out an expert in your city or at least your country so legal recourse becomes easier in case you are not satisfied with his work.